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The Art and Writing of starchildemt

If I'm going Down then I'm Going Down Good

The art and writing of starchildemt
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This is the place for starchildemt to get creative. I make icons and banners, and I write fic and original stories. My heart lies with Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delko, but others will make their appearances, especially those from the X-Files, Bones, NCIS, Buffy, Saved, and Numb3rs. The world of fandom to me is an escape from life when everything is going to hell, which in the rescue service happens fairly often. I unwind by making graphics and by writing. Sometimes putting a character into a situation will help me find the answers to real life problems. All graphic art is shareable unless specifically mentioned, just please comment and credit. Stories can be archived but please let me know where. And comments are always welcome. The icon awards I've won can be viewed in my journal. Enjoy!