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The art and writing of starchildemt
Mourning Innocence Part 3 - The Art and Writing of starchildemt
If I'm going Down then I'm Going Down Good

October 2007


Laura Virginia
Mourning Innocence Part 3

*Chapter 3*

Cool breeze and autumn leaves
Slow motion daylight
A lone pair of watchful eyes
Oversee the living

***All units be advised, there is an APB priority on one blue Saturn Vue, license number GXC-210. Warrant for arrest, considered armed and dangerous***

The APB was merely a formality. Horatio was bound and determined to bring Hagan in himself, and no MDPD cop would dare get in his way. Sure enough, the cop had come home. Gun in hand, Horatio went to fulfill his duty as welcoming committee.

“Horatio. What do you want?”

Gun leveled between Hagan’s eyes, in a voice that might have been asking someone to pass the mashed potatoes, Horatio calmly replied, “Give me a reason, you son of a bitch. You know I won’t miss.”

Hagan stopped dead in his tracks. “Don’t tell me the fucking bitch was cheating with you? Never pegged you as the type to be able to handle a little whore like that with proper force. Seriously-“ The bullet that passed cleanly through Hagan’s shoulder ensured that no one would find out right then what Hagan was serious about. He went down, screaming, and Horatio was on top of him, twisting the injured arm and adding a broken wrist to the mix. “I’ll have your badge for this, Caine!”

“I think you’ve got that backwards, Detective. How does aggravated battery, assault with a deadly, assaulting an officer, and attempted murder sound? And then we have resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, conduct unbecoming, and I know Eric and Speed will have some charges to add.” Horatio cuffed Hagan and left him face down in the driveway, pressing his foot into Hagan’s shoulder and putting some weight behind it as he called dispatch to revoke the APB.

Feel the presence all around
A tortured soul, a wound unhealing
No regrets or promises
The past is gone but you can still be free
If time will set you free

Eric dropped everything and sprinted out the second he heard the APB on Hagan. All he could think of was that something might have happened to the golden ray of sunshine he was privileged to call his best friend. Pulling up to Hagan’s house, he found Horatio standing over Hagan.

He looked up. “Oh, so she was going for some exotic flavor. Didn’t figure her for that type, but I guess she had to learn the language somehow.”

“H?” Confused didn’t begin to describe the state Eric was in.

“John is insisting on making things worse for himself,” Horatio said mildly.

Feeling the center of his world shatter for the second time in an hour, Eric tried his damndest to hide emotion. “Calleigh?” The flash in Horatio’s eyes told him everything he needed to know. “Where is she?”

“With Alexx.”


“On his way.”

A low, almost hysterical laugh interrupted the conversation. “What a lying little slut. Man she *really* gets around!”

Almost before he realized it, Eric had his gun out and pressed into the back of Hagan’s skull. “I’d watch your mouth if I were you.” He looked up at Horatio. “How bad?”


Eric winced. “Are we going to take this monster in?”

“When Speed gets here.”

“Alright.” Eric nodded, mind whirling with questions.

Time now to spread your wings
To take to flight the life endeavor
Aim for the burning sun
You're trapped inside but you can still be free
If time will set you free
But it's a long long way to go

It wasn’t long before a yellow motorcycle showed up bearing a very angry Speed.

“Let’s get the trash collection over with.” Eric and Speed covered Horatio as he threw Hagan into the back of the Hummer, making sure there would be guns on him at all times.

“Brought in by the Harem, how nice.”


“John thinks we’re all sleeping with Calleigh,” Horatio explained.

“She’s my family, you ass!” One rarely saw Tim Speedle come unglued, but he was fiercely protective of the people he cared about.

“The way you guys are acting, you have to be getting some. Protecting what’s yours, removing the competition. Nice arrangement you’ve got, nice little slut to share, it’s the only way something like her is worth this much loyalty-“

The sound of three weapons cocking interrupted his tirade. “I think it would be in your best interests to shut the hell up.” There was a note of warning in Eric’s voice.

“I’ll have all your badges for this, you know. And I’ll get the girl, too. I know what I was lacking, and I’ll be all she needs. She won’t need to cheat on me anymore.”

Keep moving way up high
You see the light, it shines forever
Sail through the crimson skies
The purest light, the light that sets you free
If time will set you free

Hagan was extremely lucky that they pulled up to the station when they did. He was handed over to officers who were equally incensed by him and the way he treated people. It seemed almost everyone wanted a hand in bringing him down, and though the news about Calleigh hadn’t spread, it was common knowledge that something was going on. Calleigh had earned herself far more respect than Hagan could ever dream of having, and everyone wanted to make sure that she was safe. Eric and Speed followed Horatio to his office. All they knew was that it was bad, and now they wanted the whole story. “I got a mayday from Calleigh’s phone at 0237. Arrived on scene to find blood everywhere and all her doors open. Entered to find her in bad shape in her living room, cuffed and badly beaten. She was losing consciousness, but insisted that her home was not a crime scene and actually apologized for calling me. I don’t know who exactly she was going for-“

Eric slammed his fist against the arm of the chair. “Oh, damn it, Calleigh!” Horatio and Speed stared. “I suspected he was hitting her, actually called her on it but that girl is the queen of throwing up defenses. I knew they had a fight so I told her if she sent up a flare I’d come running, no questions asked. She actually took me up on it.” He was trying to stay detached but it just wasn’t working anymore.

“The point now is that she did send it. Problem is that she thinks she deserved everything she got tonight. Alexx is with her now and convinced her to let us take Hagan down, but It wasn’t easy. I’m worried.” For Horatio to admit this was astounding.

“I know why she thinks she deserves it, but it’s not my place to share. Suffice it to say it makes sense and it will take a long time to change her mind, if ever.” Eric looked lost.

“She knows we care. We’re here for her no matter what.”

“But is that enough?”

No one had an answer for that.

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